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I have taken a break from writing for the past few weeks for many reasons, but I am back now. No worries there is plenty to catch everyone up on.

Initially, I took a break because I was being harassed by a low life, burned out, immoral, a private investigator who for some reason believes I want to take him down. Alone that was pretty comical but to know that a mentally ill publisher of a website I used to write for, self-proclaimed physic meth former stripper and an asshole power-hungry attorney all had their hand in things told me to maybe just stop and think before I tell the stories.

Meanwhile, in my own life, I had a million things happening. Going through a divorce, selling our home, rehoming our beloved pets, a child in criminal trouble, a teenager struggling with emotional issues, a father who is terribly sick, a sister in prison whose 5 kids need my support, and finding love in someone I never expected. Needless to say, now that I am back, I will definitely be catching everyone up, especially since we are all confined to our homes.

The current world situation is what’s on my mind right now. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this. Shutting down the entire world seems extremely drastic based on the numbers they have put out. Which in my mind means there has to be a lot they are not telling us? Many things have happened in the world that caused mass deaths, even the flu causes more deaths than the COVI- 19 virus has caused, and those who are dying are those who are already ill.

No one ever wants to lose a loved one and I know expediting a death is hard when you expect more time with them but I’d be more worried if the young and healthy were impacted by this. Even the orders themselves are curious. From the beginning, it’s been more concerning about us being in public or in large groups out in public like targets.

As the days go by things seem to get stranger and stranger and people are either acting like this is no big deal and ignoring the orders put in place or they are overreacting and acting out of fear. I don’t think there has been a time in history when world leaders have elected to shut down the world.

To put our economy at risk, yet here we are ordered to stay home. People are panic buying food faster than the stores can stock it. Schools shut down and millions of people have no income coming in. Stimulus packages are turning in to ways to back door laws in that they couldn’t get passed before this.

People are getting stressed and domestic violence is on a rise. Kids being stuck at home and getting bored are more likely to get in trouble. The unknown of how long this will last. For me, this virus has put life as I know it on hold. It’s holding up the sale of my house, delaying my divorce, keeping me from being able to get my life in the new direction that I am heading in.

What happens when this ends? How bad will we be off financially? Those of us with elderly parents we have to limit contact with. So many things are uncertain and it’s beyond worry about getting sick.

So please follow instructions, stay safe and stay away from large groups if possible. Let’s get to the other side of this.

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