What have we done to the Future?

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Have we weakened our future generations, moreover has every generation since the beginning of time slowly weakened the next? We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, from what I remember most families seemed to be struggling equally.

The welfare system was very different but so was monthly overhead.

Homes were cheaper, cars were cheaper, insurance was cheaper and monthly bills were very basic. Only wealthy people had cable, and the phone would get cut off if you had too much month at the end of the money.

Foodstamps were paper. You didn’t get thousands of dollars worth simply because you had a ton of kids. We had a garden for produce, a city bus to wait in line for commodities.

Hunting provided meat otherwise meat was a luxury we got once a week or on Holidays. Beans and Peanut butter provided us with protein. Families had to work together.

Children had to have jobs to help the home run.

I came from a large family and we all had our responsibilities. I have an older brother, but he left home young. I was the ugly duckling so my dad made me into his son.

He taught me how to paint, roof, work with wood and most importantly work on cars. I was the definition of a tomboy. I was 12 years old going to work with my dad.

Helping out on construction sites. Cleaning up scraps, breaking down buddles of shingles and carrying them up. I helped prep for painting, trimmed out the edges, laid down the plastic and tapped out the trim. Most importantly he forced me to work on cars, not just the inside but the outside as well.

I never realized how my skills would intimidate the males in my life.

At one point I spent my time with the boys working on cars and building things out of wood. My dad didn’t allow me to lay up or be depressed. He would pull me up and make me work.

I hated him often for this but I see why he did it.

Everything he did made me stronger and more able to survive any situation. Our kids today can’t handle if the wifi goes out. Will they be able to handle if the power goes out if we lose water?

Cars today you can’t even work on.

Most kids can’t change a tire and don’t have basic mechanic skills.

Some can’t even pump gas.

I often worried that our desire to give them more and our world of convince will weaken future generations.

Will they be ready if an epic storm destroys us?

Will they be ready if war comes to our soil?

Will they be conditioned enough to know how to survive?

Remember these kids are our future and knowledge is power. We should try our best to pass on the knowledge handed to us.

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