Ladies stop

Do we ever grow up?

Modern-day feminists aren’t about empowering women they are about emasculating men. They are oblivious to the reality that men aren’t keeping us down, we keep each other down. We are mean to each other, we are messy, we will knock a bitch down that is doing better than us. I often wonder if this is a barbaric survival method or if we are just horribly petty.

I say we because despite me doing my best to not be that girl I can get as pissed and as petty as anyone. In my life, it’s been men who motivated and mentored me. Men who gave me direction and guided me. No, they didn’t have alternative agendas they saw something in me. Women have always been the ones who kick me when I’m not looking.

I’m blessed today to have a small group of amazing women I’ve met on my journeys. Women who motivate, support, correct and encourage me. It took a long time to find them.

Yet I still deal with the destructive nonsense of the female regime. The mob mentality of miserable existence. They become so unhappy in their own lives they want nothing more than to hurt and destroy others and do it with a fake smile and irrational justification for their actions.

Ladies stop bringing men down as if we don’t need them.

God made us in pairs. Men are equally important to us. Remove the sexual element and just see them as people. Stop bringing each other down. We will never succeed if we don’t learn to rise up together. United we stand, divided we fall.

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