Respect is given, respect earned.

I back the badge, support the thin blue line. Our family has respect for the police and we understand that their jobs are hard, unpredictable and oftentimes dangerous.

However, police are not above the law. We need to stop with this mentality that they shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions like anyone else. It seems like there is an obvious divide when it comes to the police. You back the badge or you hate the police.

People who hate the police do so because they had a bad experience with them. They didn’t wake up one morning and say I just don’t like police, they have reasons for not liking them. A bad cop will put good cops lives at risk. Building a bond with the people in your community is a must as an officer.

Respect is given, respect earned.

I’ve seen some of these police shootings that may have been justified, I have also seen some that absolutely weren’t justified. People are scared of police and police are scared of them. Through that we have lives being lost unnecessarily.

Absolutely comply with an officer’s orders, even if they are wrong you can report it. We have to hold officers accountable like anyone else or the power will go to their head.

They were hired to serve and protect. Not prey on the community.

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