Random Act of Kindness

I was at Kroger today. I was putting my groceries in the truck and I saw an elderly lady struggling to get her groceries in her vehicle. While I was trying to secure my stuff so I could go help her, a young man 16-18 beat me to it.

He ran over there, made sure not to startle her and asked if he could help.

She seemed to almost have tears in her eyes and said oh thank you, sonny.

When he was done she tried giving him money. He said no thank you, ma’am, I’d hope someone would do the same for my grandma.

She just looked so heart warmed by this teenagers kindness. He told her to have a great day and went on his way. It was so very sweet and so nice to see that there are kids out there who have been raised right.

Keep being you, young man. You brightened up that ladies day in ways you’ll never know.

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