Friendship is Color blind

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I’m laughing so hard.

Well, we just went to pick my niece up in LM, and driving down main we see an old friend from Galveston. By friend, we mean a hot mess from the neighborhood.

In spite of his issues he was always kind to us, and would watch out for me and the kids while my husband was working. Yes we knew who he was but he didn’t let his lifestyle impact us.

He was on his bike. We honked and pulled into the center lane in front of him. Neighborhood people are watching as these 2 white ass people get out of the truck, he recognizes us and we give him a hug, as they watch in aww like what the hell is happening.

One of them is like how long you know dem?

Randy says these crazy white people forever. We load up his bike take him home. He askes for my husband’s number, as he is getting out he says ma’am we haven’t met.

I said really Randy It’s Noelle and Burton.

His eyes get big he is like oh my home girl No….Ellle.

Girl you look different, you filled out.

I said does that mean I’m fat? He always makes me laugh.

Not only did we look like we kidnapped a black man from the hood, but he really didn’t know us at first but came anyway.

There was a time when his wife was dying and he rode to my house to get me. I came and sat with her and asked if she was ready, he was crying.

She said yes Miss Noelle, I’m ready.

I held her hand as she rested, she didn’t pass then, but she felt at peace with God.

So, if anyone says two white people in a black truck abducted a man in LM, it was all friendly.

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